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Endgames are the most important part of chess. Learn how to win them.

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The art of the middle game: where strategy meets tactics.


The endless pursuit of chess excellence.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our exercises are
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Practice makes perfect. Play our mini-games to improve your chess skills.

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Learn to play like the masters. Study their games and learn from their mistakes.

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Solve interactive chess puzzles, with instant feedback and solutions, created by FIDE master C. Gelas.

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Improve your tactical skills with carefully curated exercises and drills.


Every point you earn in the app counts towards your country. Play for your country and show what country is the best in the world at chess.


Use the gold you earned within the application.

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Improve your chess skills with our engaging and challenging exercises! Our collection of carefully crafted puzzles will test your tactical abilities, strategy, and decision making, helping you become a stronger player in no time.

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